FairValue-IR specialises in investor relations in the Netherlands and Belgium. We give advice and provide support for companies, both listed and non-listed. We are available for longer term support and shorter term assignments.

Our aim is to support companies in improving and maintaining the level and quality of communications with the financial community. We firmly believe that a company by actively promoting its business case raises awareness and understanding within the financial community, resulting in a fair value over time.

Although there are legal requirements determining the playing field of any company, those should just be the rules of the game and those should not dictate strategy and/or tactics. Investor relations should be all about marketing, about communication and about finance. So it is not box ticking, but all about pro-actively reaching out to (potential) investors and analysts enabling them to fairly value a company. It is all about building an investment case. 

FairValue-IR specializes in helping companies build their investment case. Because if a company is not telling its own story, who will …?